HOSTING: Reliable, Secure and Compliant Cloud Solutions for Data Storage

Sean Bruton, VP, Product Development
From crude collection of information on spreadsheets to data in the cloud – technology advancements have metamorphosed data storage and attributed to its endless growth. However, the need for reliable storage systems and back-up facilities that comply with government regulations and enable users to save time, reduce cost and wastages and optimize data solutions, remains one of the prominent challenges faced by cloud solution providers.

“There is a lot of unstructured data that is going out of control and everyone wants an insurance policy for that. But these (insurance policies) are more expensive than the asset itself and cloud service providers are forced to have several copies of the data and ship it offsite to support clients’ ever-growing convictions to hold on to more information overtime,” says Sean Bruton, VP of Product Development at HOSTING, a leading provider of cloud-enabled solutions for businesses.

The doldrums of managing superfluous data can be solved using ‘cheap and deep’ data drives that come with impeccable protection strategies to retain enormous amounts of information for long periods of time. These solutions need to be merged with networkable and flexible technology tools to allow access to data systems and servers from EMC. “Storage is the most dynamic part of any web-enabled math and, with things changing at a rapid pace, the technology tools must ensure availability, integrity and confidentiality. Considering the repercussions of data corruption and exposure for our clients, HOSTING storage platforms are designed to gain their trust and aid successful business operations,” adds Bruton.

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, HOSTING partners with EMC to back its cloud services and search platforms. The alliance is a golden handshake on the object storage side and has catered to many organizations from industries like software, healthcare, retail, media and entertainment and financial services. “Many of our customers require extensive raw word power and reliability. EMC has proven themselves well over a decade as the platform that is going to help us with live applications that have that demand curve and reliability requirements,” says Bruton.
HOSTING’s long-standing experience supporting mission-critical applications in the mid-market paved the way for the commonly sought disaster recovery and security compliant services for many companies in the healthcare vertical. For example, a client who earlier deployed services from a SaaS based firm launched their huge feature release without making provisions to handle endless inflow of customer queries. HOSTING’s performance monitoring application on the EMC platform aligned their queries as cloud messages to restructure the entire database. In addition, the customers can now leverage cloud-based information and need not invest heavily in ineffective platforms.

HOSTING storage platforms are designed to prevent the repercussions of data corruption and exposure as well as aid in our customers’ business operation

With more than 3,000 global companies in its customer base, the HOSTING business philosophy is based on commitment to its customers. “There are many service providers trying to run large healthcare-related applications and provide services that result in marginal gains for the clients. But very few have the discipline and longevity of HOSTING. We build customized solutions that include security and compliance, not just a platform management plan,” says Bruton.

Having derived substantial outcomes in all its endeavors, HOSTING plans on deepening involvement with other industries to help alleviate the complexity of regulatory obligations and management of data and cloud-based applications.


Denver, CO

Sean Bruton, VP, Product Development

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