Adlib: Enabling Customers to Streamline Rendering and Assembly of Complex PDFs

Peter Duff, CEO
Organizations today are overwhelmed with the volume and variety of documents, which in turn necessitate automation of different processes to take advantage of the information. To achieve this, enterprises have to make sure that all content can be discovered, is in a usable file format, in the proper location, and with appropriate metadata to help streamline workflows. Headquartered in Burlington, ON, Adlib provides Advanced Rendering that transform different types of content from multiple sources into more manageable, standardized, and usable formats to improve document processes. The company’s solutions are extremely progressive supporting multiple document repository platforms and multiple workflows as a shared service across organizations.

Adlib’s Advanced Rendering technology fits directly into EMC’s enterprise content management (ECM) product line – Documentum. They help transform documents into more standardized/usable format, empowering organizations to optimize productivity, mitigate risk, and reduce costs by improving the efficiency, quality and control of document-centric business processes. “At Adlib, we not only convert disparate formats into high-fidelity PDF, we can also extract content to improve data understanding from a document repository,” says Peter Duff, CEO, Adlib. “Our company has a very broad, capable, engine that plugs right into Documentum and other ECM environments and can easily support many different document workflows,” explains Duff.

Adlib’s flagship product, PDF Enterprise offers the highest fidelity PDF rendering engine in the market with accurate OCR capabilities and intelligent document assembly to automatically convert, combine, and enhance documents into professional, searchable PDF files as part of a business process in support of collaboration, compliance, and long-term archiving goals. “Adlib PDF supports demanding, document intensive processes, rapidly converting large volumes with the branding, standardization, and security settings required to enforce corporate and industry compliance. This is particularly valuable for Documentum customers,with high value content, in industries like Life Sciences, Energy/Utilities, Finance, and many others,” explains Duff.

With the ability to improve electronic document workflows, Adlib helps clients transform their raw content into a true business advantage.
A case in point is an insurance company that needed the capability to process claims from their own customers. Duff says, “The client wanted to integrate our technology with their exchange environment to automate the ingestion of customer e-mails– including multi-format attachments and metadata - and connect that content into their workflows and repositories like Documentum,” says Duff. Adlib worked with the client,analyzed their requirements, and helped them automate the process. The client moved from manual-intensive procedure to an electronic document workflow that significantly improved the customer experience and supported their growth requirments.

Our focus is to ensure the success of our customers and partners by delivering enterprise-class solutions that solve document-process challenges across the document lifecycle

From a technical perspective, the solutions offered by Adlib are truly extensible and easy to plug-in to document-processes across multiple repositories like EMC’s Documentum. Additionally, “As a true business partner, we have established a strong on-boarding process,and provide good training, services, support, and an ecosystem of partners specializing in industry solutions,” explains Duff. “We make sure that customers are continually educated on the long term potential use of the product—how it can help them today and into the future,” adds Duff.

Moving forward, Adlib is looking to extend its support to more content management applications and document processes. “Working with our Technology Partners, we are constantly expanding our capabilities to support different document processes such as classification, capture, and onboarding. Additionally we see opportunity to expand beyond Europe and North America, increasing our presence in areas like Australia and Asia,” concludes Duff.


Burnlington, ON

Peter Duff, CEO

Adlib provides Advanced Rendering Technology, enabling organizations to improve their Enterprise Content Management (ECM) document processes.

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